NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint First Impression

This month I purchased NARS velvet matte skin tint broad spectrum SPF 30. After searching for a perfect foundation that would work with for my oily face. I was looking for something that did not leave my skin feeling greasy, easy to apply and leave a more natural look.

I decided to try NARS velvet matte skin tint after doing some research. On the NARS website describes the products as  “protects and perfects with a soft-matte finish.” I had recently tried other NARS products that lived up to their description so I thought I would give it a try.

After a couple of times using NARS velvet matte skin tint into my daily routine, I decided to share my experience using the product. I purchased the color Groenland. Keep in mind though this is my pure opinion and I do have oily skin. I have little to no acne so this product might not be for everyone.

The Pros and Cons of NARS velvet matte skin tint.

1. It is easy to apply.
2. It is light weight and natural looking.
3. It is not oily.

1. It does not have very high coverage.
2. It is expensive.

These are my final thoughts about NARS velvet matte skin tint.

I think that NARS velvet matte skin tint is worth the purchase if you are looking for something comfortable and more natural approach. You do not need to worry about using brushes or sponges. It applies in just minutes and you do not have to worry about reapplying. It also leaves a natural coverage that does not leave your skin cakey or oily. You can apply some primer or concealer beforehand, and you are ready to go. I think this has become one of my favorite products that I can see myself using more in the future.


Album Review: Lorde “Melodrama”

Before I start, I just want to say Lorde is living in 3017 and we’re still living in 2017!

On June 16 Lorde blessed us with her release of her second album Melodrama. I may or not may have been waiting for like four years for a release of a new album. Listening to Melodrama album makes me want to take a ride around the city at two in the morning and just look at the deserted streets.

Here is what I experienced from each perfect song.

Melodrama album opens the curtains with “Green Light.” This song to me talks about trying to move on but not being able to let all those emotions go.

The second song on Melodrama album is “Sober.” This song is great transitions from “Green Light.” This song to me talks about the drinking and wondering if the relationship will continue after they are both sober. Lorde shook me when the bass dropped, and she whispered. *Dies*

The third song on the album is “Homemade Dynamite.” This song to me talks about meeting someone who is similar to you but would end up in an explosion. The fourth song on Melodrama is “The Louvre.” This song to me is talking about falling love with someone that makes your heart raise.

The fifth song is “Liability”. This song from the beginning you can feel the pain in her voice. This song to me is about how people constantly tell her she is a disadvantage to people because she is too famous. People start to fade their relationships with her.

The sixth song on the album is“Hard Feelings/ Loveless.” I think the song “Hard Feelings” talks about the feelings that come when there are no longer affections for one another. “Loveless” should have been made a full song because it is amazing.

The seventh song on Melodram is “Sober II (Melodrama)” This song talks about the drama that comes with a relationship. One day being completely in love and next being down each other throats. The eighth song on Melodrama is “Writer In the Dark.” I think Lorde talks about how she will immortalize her relationships in her writing.

The ninth song on Melodrama is “Supercut.”
I think she talks about she keeps repeating the happy/ ideal moments of their relationships. How one fails to see how the relationships are falling.

The tenth song on Melodrama is “Liability (reprise).” I think this song is a response to getting called a liability. I believe she is telling her past relationships what they overcame, and their goals are now just shuttered.

The eleventh song on Melodrama is “Perfect Places.” I think she is talking about just living in the moment. She just wants to remind people that the ideal location is in the present.

Overall I give Melodrama five out of five stars.

I had been waiting four years for Lorde to release another album and boy did she release a masterpiece. Melodrama deserves its own exhibit at the Louvre. I cannot wait to see her new music videos and upcoming tour. I think this album easily has become one of the personal favorites.

Tell me which was your favorite track from Melodrama because everyone has a favorite.


My June 2017 Music Playlist

If you are anything like me and are always on a search for the new music to add to your daily playlists or just on the quest for the artist to jam to, then I have the perfect post for you. I thought I would share my monthly favorite songs from my Spotify Music playlist. These songs come from whatever Spotify recommends me on my discover playlist or only just the latest new song.

The first artist’s music I have been obsessing over this month is the one the only, Harry Styles! Harry’s music is the type that you can never get tired of and can listen to on any occasion.  The two songs that have been dominating my month’s music playlist is “Women” and “Two Ghosts.” Both of these songs are just so refreshing too when it comes from mainstream music.

Another artist music I just had to mention from my music playlist is Sundara Karma. I discovered Sundara Karama band back in March and saw them live I have been quite obsessed. They just bring this indie rock flavor to the music industry. Honestly, they make my top favorite bands. Their recent song off their album Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect called “Olympia” has been my month favorite jam. I would recommend for you to listen to the whole album though.

Sundara Karma Omaha NE Sundara Karma Omaha NE

One of my most recent regrets is not seeing the Bleachers again when they came to my city. Their new single “Don’t Take the Money” is too stunning mention in this post. Bleachers are honestly that one band that has a special place in your heart.

Lorde finally gave us another single off her new album that she has yet to release! Let me tell you guys it is perfection! I had to add her new song “Sober” to my June music playlist. Don’t think that I would forget to add “Green Light.” Now, all we have to do is patiently wait for Lorde to bless us with her album.

I have other amazing artists but if I wrote about ever single one his post would be way too long. I will add new songs on to my June music playlist throughout the month. Make sure to comment me your favorite songs this month or if you like these kinds of posts. Also, make sure to follow me on Spotify,  I always like to follow back so I can get new music.


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Album Review: Halsey’s ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom”

Halsey can do no wrong when it comes to her new album.

Hasely released her second album called Hopeless Fountain Kingdom on June 2nd. Halsey’s album talks about the struggles of getting out of a toxic relationship and learning to love yourself. Halsey takes you through the whole journey of falling love, falling out and finally falling in love with yourself.

The track that resonated with me was “Sorry.” It is honestly is relatable and honest. She talks about what it feels to have someone fall in love with you but you not feel the same way. She also talks about the struggles of understanding that someone loves you genuinely.

“So I’m sorry to my unknown lover
Sorry that I can’t believe
That anybody ever really
Starts to fall in love with me”

The other track that shook me was “Bad At Love.” This track is a reflection of her past relationships. It tells us that it’s okay to leave if we no longer feel loved and not to be afraid. I’m secretly hoping “Bad At Love” will be on of her singles.

Halsey’s album is far beyond deeper than most of its other albums in its genre. I give Halsey’s album three out of five stars. Halsey put her emotions and story into this album. While listening to the album, you can see the story she is telling with every lyric. I think Halsey is giving girls at our generation a more realistic message of when you should remove yourself from a relationship and learn to love ourselves. I love how she talks about topics that society wants to hide under the rug. I can’t wait to see her music videos and see her picks for singles. Tell me which songs are your guys favorite off the album.