Hippo Campus’ Warm Glow Review

Hippo Campus’ Warm Glow is exactly what you would expect from the title of the album. So if you are looking for an album/EP to give your soul a highlight then I got the perfect thing for you.

Hippo Campus’ Warm Glow is more cheerful and delightful album when compared with their recent album Landmark. It is that album that just speaks Autumn. I cannot picture this album in another season. (The timing is perfect.) The album has their signature indie pop style.


The song “Baseball” has a very mellow but delightful sound that made fall in love with Hippo Campus. The chords on this song are one of my personal favorites. I believe that song’s lyrics are just talking about getting the first impression of someone and realizing that they are not who you thought they were.


The song “Traveler” is one of those songs that don’t have your typical song structure. This song reads more like a story. I believe the song’s lyrics are about endless nights of contemplating about a lover that they don’t get to see as much as they would.

Warm Glow.

The song “warm glow” has that end of summer feeling. That feeling when the summer is ending, and autumn has just begun, and the weather just gets crisp. I love the more acoustic sound of this song which is always appreciated. Jake’s vocals resemble a whisper that resembles the autumn wind hitting your ear. The chords echo the fading sunlight. Can you tell this song stole my heart?

Overall impression of Warm Glow.

I would give Hippo Campus’ Warm Glow EP a five out of five. I think Hippo Campus did a great job waiting to release these songs apart from their Landmark album. Warm Glow is that piece of pie after a course full meal that just ends the whole dinner perfectly.



The Killers’ Wonderful Wonderful Album Review

The Killers’ Wonderful Wonderful album make you relive fall in love with them all over again.  This album has me wanting to text the ex I never had.

The Killers’ Wonderful Wonderful album has very similar vibes to their last album Battle Born. The album Wonderful Wonderful has a very chill rock melodies with simple guitar chords. Now and then the Killers’ signature guitar solos pop up that make you want to bang your head the song.

My favorite songs from The Killers’ Wonderful Wonderful album:

Personally my favorite songs from an album change depending on my mood or weather. (I am weird I know.) My favorite songs from Wonderful Wonderful are “Some Love kind of love,” “Out of My Mind,” and “Have all the songs been written?”

I like “Some love” soft whispery sound to it that gives your skin goosebumps. “Out of my mind” this very retro rock sound that just makes you sing along. Lastly, my favorite song from the album that I can see become a festival closing song “Have all the songs been written?” This song with the guitar chords and the vocals just give me the feels!

Overall thoughts on The Killers’ Wonderful Wonderful album.

I would give Wonderful Wonderful a three and half out of five. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed this album a lot however I felt there was not much variation between the songs. Overall I believe this album appeals to all music lovers from all generations. There is a bit of everything to appeal to every generation that has fallen in love with The Killers’ sound and lyrics.

Do you think this album was a hit or a miss?

BTS ‘DNA’ Music Video Review

BTS released their first single off their album Love Yourself: “Her.” IT IS A FREAKING JOURNEY VISIONALLY AND MUSICALLY.

BTS ‘DNA’ music video directed by Yongseok Cho and assistant directed by WonJu Lee from Lumpens. They have also helped direct “Blood, Sweat & Tears,” “Spring Day,” “Fire,” “Run” and many more.

First Impression.

The first thing I noticed about ‘DNA’ music video is that it started very similar to “Serendipity.” It started from somewhere in space and then quickly transitioned to one of the member’s eyes. This time it was Jungkook. It almost like a point of view from each member. That could explain the focus on Jungkook. I believe that we might get a music video from each member’s “point of view” or focus.


The song ‘DNA’ has more of that pop EDM music. It is a much more complex melody when compared to Chainsmokers.  I also noticed they’re vocal ranges are much more broad and deeper. A little random but I also kind of fangirled hearing Yoongi rap in English. Let’s appreciate that Jin was given more lyrics!!


‘DNA’ music video visuals are much more vibrant than previous music videos. It does it great job matching “DNA”s much more EMD pop sound. I also love how this music video was edited so that every beat there was a perfect cut to a different scene, frame or member.  There were also suttle DNA references like their dance moves mimicking a DNA helix.

Also, did anyone else notice the hair color transitions for some of the members through the music video. Like Yoongi who would go from the grayish hair color to the blue/teal hair color.  You can also see this with Taehyung who so transition from brown to the gray.


As for words of ‘DNA’, I think they are talking about how meeting someone is not a coincidence that it was destiny that brought them together.

“Don’t worry, love
None of this is a coincidence
We’re totally different, baby
Because we’re the two who found our destiny.”

Overall Impression.

I love BTS ‘DNA’.  I think they sound mature but still true to who they are musical. Their music videos are also so visually pleasing to watch and to try to solve because I feel there is so much left unsaid about them.  To be honest, I have watched ‘DNA’ music video over 20 times while writing this blog post.

Tell me your thoughts on the music video.


BTS’s Love Yourself: Her | Album Review

After listening to BTS’s Love Yourself: Her album nonstop for a full week, I thought it would be appropriate to write a review of it. BTS’s Love Yourself: Her has a track for every taste of music from pop, EDM, R&B to hip-hop. It incorporates all these styles while staying to true to who they are musically.

Intro: DNA.

I did two reviews of the two songs/ music videos which you can check those out down below.

Intro: Serendipity


Best of Me.

Best Of Me was one of the most anticipated tracks of the album after BTS announced they collaborated with the Chainsmokers. I was shook by this track because I’m not the biggest Chainsmoker fan but I was happy that BTS stayed true to their sounds. Plus we get SUGA’s SINGING PART. “Best of Me” a simple love song about how a person brings the best out in someone. May I add, I love that this song is gender neutral something that we don’t tend to hear in music much often.


Dimple just has that feeling of being head over heels for someone. It’s more of a song that captures that moment of falling in love with someone and just getting all the feels.

Pied Piper.

Pied Piper is a bop! The funk of this song reminds me of Daft Punk funkiness and a little of Bruno Mars influences. I also thought it was clever incorporating the flute sound in the background to represent the Pied Piper.

As for the lyrics they are straightforward, I believe that it is a friendly reminder to his fans that it is okay to do what they do but not to forget that they should also focus on themselves and their own lives.

Skit: Billboard Music Award.

I thought it was lovely to include their acceptance speech. It is a reminder their fans that they weren’t able to accomplish this without them.


MIC DROP has more of that 90’s hip-hop beats that are so refreshing to hear nowadays. As for the lyrics, I think it is more of diss track for their haters out there that are jealous of their success. I was surprised to discover that Obama’s mic drop inspired BTS.

Go Go

Go Go Go is that montage to the YOLO life. BTS works with a more reggae feel to this song and again that flute plays in the background. The lyrics talk about forgetting about things and just going to wherever and whatever one wants to do.

Outro: Her

Outro: Her has that kind of-of old R&B vibes that tie the beginning of the album and close it perfectly. The beat is straightforward just like its message. It just explains that with love comes the “tear” or pain. The whole journey can be painful, and you tend to lose yourself in the process of trying to please someone else.

“The whole new myself
I’m confused too, which one’s the real me?”

Overall Impression of BTS’s Love Yourself: Her

BTS’s Love Yourself: Her gets a four out five stars from me. I enjoyed hearing a refreshing sound that you don’t hear on US radios but also refreshing to listen to a different side of BTS. Love Yourself: Her is a new chapter of BTS’s music career and an open letter to their previous fans and new ones to come.

My current favorite songs (because they regularly change) from Love Yourself: Her have to be “Intro: Serendipity,” “Dimple,” “DNA,” “Outro: Her,” and “MIC DROP.” I cannot wait to see their new music videos! So keep streaming and supporting BTS this comeback!

BoxyCharm September 2017 | Review

After watching numerous of my favorite YouTubers receive their BoxyCharm boxes, I decided to join the club. It applied to join in August, and in about three weeks I was taken off the waitlist! My first BoxyCharm box is from the month of Septemeber.

The Septemeber BoxyCharm comes with SIX full sized items.

Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette

BoxyCharm September 2017

The Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette is the central star of the box. The eyeshadow colors are that perfect fall colors. I feel like the autumn fairy came and blessed me. What I like about this palette are the silkiness and the pigments of the eyeshadows. I like this eyeshadow palette I can see myself using more top colors a lot in the fall. Bonus! To top all this PUR product is paraben – free, BPA-free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and gluten free!!

Eyebrows by MAC Cosmetics

BoxyCharm September 2017

BoxyCharm also included a full-size MAC eyebrow pencil in color spiked. I have never actually tried a MAC eyebrow pencil. I usually use an Anastasia Beverly hill eyebrow pencil. To be completely honest this is not one of my favorite eyebrow pencils because I prefer a more creamy pencil that I can blend with my eyebrow.

Ultra Satin Lip by Colourpop

BoxyCharm September 2017

Another favorite in the BoxyCharm was the Ultra Satin Lip by Colourpop in the shade little stitious. Would you believe me if I told you guys I have never tried Colourpop products? I overall for first time experience I loved the texture of the lipstick. It gave that kind of Kylie’s lip that I honestly never thought I could pull off. But I love. It’s a very neutral color that you can wear down or up depending on the occasion.

Loose Blush by Studio Makeup

BoxyCharm September 2017

The fourth item in BoxyCharm is Loose Blush by studio makeup in color luminous blush.  I love the silkiness and light weight of this blush. The one down side I don’t appreciate is the glitters in blush. I think if I wore this blush I would not wear any highlighter or wear very minimal. Overall it’s a gorgeous blush that gives that right pop of color.

Face Perfecting Brush by bareMinerals.

BoxyCharm September 2017

The fifth item in this months BoxyCharm is the Face Perfecting Brush by bareMinerals. I like this brush because it is soft and gives you that even coverage of a foundation. I still need to give it a couple of more rounds. I will keep you guys updated.

Don’t Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask by Briogeo

BoxyCharm September 2017

The last item included in the BoxyCharm is the Don’t Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask by Briogeo. I have not tried this product because this week has been quite crazy. However, just from smelling and reading the product, I think it will help my hair. I have curly to wavy hair (depending the day), and it gets very dry. I usually do hair masks once in a while. This product says it contains no sulfates, no silicones or parabens which I usually avoid when it comes to my hair. I will keep you updated if it works for my hair or not.

Overall I give the September BoxyCharm a four out of five.

I think BoxyCharm knocked it out of the park with their whole concept of Boxy Baddie look. It gives the option to go full badie or keep it more subtle. I love how they gave us six full sized items which where could you get all this for that price. Overall I think I am sticking to BoxyCharm it introduces me to new products, brands and new looks to try all for a reasonable price. I hope to keep doing this review in the futures.

Comments your opinions if you have tried or will try the BoxyCharm!