BTS “MIC DROP” Remix with Steve Aoki Featuring Desiinger | Review

BTS “MIC DROP” Remix with Steve Aoki Featuring Desiinger | Review [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It hasn’t even been two days yet, and BTS “MIC DROP” remix already is number one song on iTunes and trending number one on Youtube. To top that BTS became the first K-pop act to become the number one on US iTunes. They are also number one on iTunes in more than 20 countries around the world.

BTS “MIC DROP” Remix with Steve Aoki Featuring Desiigner

First off the remix beat that Steve created for perfectly complements the original beat. I am obsessed with it because it resembles an alarm sound presenting a warning to everyone that BTS is here! Then traditions to the original beat of “MIC DROP”. You can see the fusion between artists.

The Lyrics.

I was not prepared for more English lyrics. The boys are killing it and serving us a full course meal. We hear all the boys sing English verses. With the infusion of Korean words that we are used to singing. Though I must admit, I would catch myself singing the original Korean lyrics.

BTS “MIC DROP” Remix Music Video

The music video has everything the beat, the cinematography, the dancing, and killer lyrics. I am sorry, but this music video just set the bar so high for all music videos. I love the transition of each frame went with the beat.

Someone give the editor of this video a dang Oscar and a raise!

My overall opinion on “MIC DROP” Remix and music video.

BTS raised the bar so high! Not to let my fangirl self out but BTS is letting the haters know “yeah keep talking while we keep topping charts.” It’s proud moment to see BTS break boundaries and staying true to themselves.

Mic Drop was already a bop before the remix with their 90’s hip-hop influence. The mix of this beat just elevated even higher. Desiigners’ flow matches beat of the song. Though my favorite thing about this remix is they didn’t go full English lyrics. I love the Korean lyrics because that how I discovered them.

The music video was a bang! I also loved the symbolism. We have the representation of the Armies, the press, and burning the past. The choreography was slick and amazing. The part that stood out was when Yoongi is rapping his verse, and he is in the dark room with Jimin and Jungkook. That slow motion of Jimin and Jungkook, while Yoongi is rapping, is so furious. The whole visual of this music video is jaw-dropping.

Tell me what your favorite part of the music video was down below. Make sure to stream and buy “MIC DROP” Remix with Steve Okai featuring Desiigner .