My Sundara Karma’s spotlight blog post is far overdue. I’m sorry but my love for them is still very real.

Who is Sundara Karma?

Sundara Karma is an indie/rock band from Readings, England. The band consists of Oscar Lulu (vocals, guitar), Haydn Evans (drums), Ally Baty (guitar) and Dom Cordel (bass). They have been topping charts with their recent album Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect with it topping the top 50 UK album charts.

Sundara Karma’s Sound.

Sundara Karma has this very underappreciated style that you cannot find on the radio nowadays in my opinion. They have this very poetic and soft grunge rock sound. I don’t want to compare them to any band because honestly, they are themselves. That is what I love about them.

Sundara Karma’s lyrics.

Sundara’s lyrics are very poetic and revolve around the everyday troubles of youth especially when you look their album Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect. They sing about finding the hope of living to the misunderstood communication between lovers:

“But ain’t it funny that we’re never
Certain of the way we are
Another youth wasted and eternally tainted.”

Plus you if you are literature fanatic you can see the references they incorporate into their lyrics.



I believe this Sundara Karma is going to make even bigger than where they are today. They have a sound where you can identify them and say “hey that Sundara Karma”. Plus their style is overall is themselves from eyeshadow and blouses. Not only because of their talent but also their humbleness.

I saw them live back in April and they are the kindest band I have met. There were around 30 people and the crowd, but they played with such a passion. Not only that they said after and made sure they met everyone. Honestly, they pretty humble and their music and personality are going to take them even bigger.




BTS “MIC DROP” Remix with Steve Aoki Featuring Desiinger | Review [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It hasn’t even been two days yet, and BTS “MIC DROP” remix already is number one song on iTunes and trending number one on Youtube. To top that BTS became the first K-pop act to become the number one on US iTunes. They are also number one on iTunes in more than 20 countries around the world.

BTS “MIC DROP” Remix with Steve Aoki Featuring Desiigner

First off the remix beat that Steve created for perfectly complements the original beat. I am obsessed with it because it resembles an alarm sound presenting a warning to everyone that BTS is here! Then traditions to the original beat of “MIC DROP”. You can see the fusion between artists.

The Lyrics.

I was not prepared for more English lyrics. The boys are killing it and serving us a full course meal. We hear all the boys sing English verses. With the infusion of Korean words that we are used to singing. Though I must admit, I would catch myself singing the original Korean lyrics.

BTS “MIC DROP” Remix Music Video

The music video has everything the beat, the cinematography, the dancing, and killer lyrics. I am sorry, but this music video just set the bar so high for all music videos. I love the transition of each frame went with the beat.

Someone give the editor of this video a dang Oscar and a raise!

My overall opinion on “MIC DROP” Remix and music video.

BTS raised the bar so high! Not to let my fangirl self out but BTS is letting the haters know “yeah keep talking while we keep topping charts.” It’s proud moment to see BTS break boundaries and staying true to themselves.

Mic Drop was already a bop before the remix with their 90’s hip-hop influence. The mix of this beat just elevated even higher. Desiigners’ flow matches beat of the song. Though my favorite thing about this remix is they didn’t go full English lyrics. I love the Korean lyrics because that how I discovered them.

The music video was a bang! I also loved the symbolism. We have the representation of the Armies, the press, and burning the past. The choreography was slick and amazing. The part that stood out was when Yoongi is rapping his verse, and he is in the dark room with Jimin and Jungkook. That slow motion of Jimin and Jungkook, while Yoongi is rapping, is so furious. The whole visual of this music video is jaw-dropping.

Tell me what your favorite part of the music video was down below. Make sure to stream and buy “MIC DROP” Remix with Steve Okai featuring Desiigner .

Declan Mckenna “What Do You Think About the Car?” | Album Review

Declan Mckenna is an 18-year old that screams talent. At the age of 16, he already had a hit song “Brazil” that won awards. He released his first full album titled “What do you think about the car?”

“What do you think about the car?” overall album sound.

This album’s overall sound is more indie pop with a hint of techno sounds if that makes sense. Declan Mckenna established is signature sound where we can identify this is a Mckenna song. He stays very true to his style as he started, which is why we fans keep going for more. The melodies of his songs start out more clam then transform into these catchy pop tunes.

“What do you think about the car?” album overall message.

“What do you think about the car?” album message is very simple; it’s a message to the whole world. It’s awake up call to the world to start paying attention to the world problems from politics, relationships, corruption to friendships. It’s clear what kind of Mckenna wants to do, and that’s precisely what he should do.

Favorite songs from the album.

As you might know by now, my favorite songs honestly change my time and mood. However, there is one particular song that caught my attention has to be “Make me your queen.” I feel in love with the melody, but I stayed in love with it for its lyrics. They are a statement about being in an abusive relationship. He makes the statement that abusive relationships are about power and control with his lyrics. It’s something our generation needs to hear and prevent.

My other favorite songs have to be “Humongous” because of its melody transitions and amazing vocals. It’s a strong and bold way to start the album, not to mention the cute intro between him and his sister. “Brazil” is another favorite of mine because this song is simply a classic. I also appreciate “I am everyone else” for its catchy guitar solo and message about shady friends.

My overall opinion on “What do you think about the car?” album.

I give this album a four out five stars. This album isn’t just a beautifully composed album with catchy melodies but an album with a statement! There nothing more inspirational than hearing an artist take a stand to social problems like relationships, corruption, and politics. Declan Mckenna is on my list to see live one day. Nothing but pure talent.

8 reasons why you should support LOVE MYSELF and #ENDviolence Campaign.

If you have not heard, BTS has joined forces with UNICEF in LOVE MYSELF Campaign and sponsor UNICEF’s global campaign #ENDviolence.

What is the #Endviolence campaign?

The #Endviolence campaign was created to bring awareness and action to domestic violence against children all around the world. Domestic violence against children ranges from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. There are more than 600 million children around the world are affected by some form of domestic violence.

What is the Love Myself campaign?

The Love Myself Campaign was created BTS  to raise funds to protect and support children who have been victims of any form of domestic violence.BTS has committed two years to raise funds for LOVE MYSELF fund that will help provide help and education against domestic violence against children around the world.

Why You Should Support LOVE MYSELF and #ENDViolence campaigns.

I have been a fan of BTS’ music since I discovered them and even more about their message to fans. I appreciate they are bringing awareness and educating people about a serious issue that affects millions of children. I want to also let you guys know some facts about violence against children according to the UNICEF websiteDoSomething, and CDV.

  1. Every five minutes a child dies from violence every day.
  2. Each year over three million children experience bullying.
  3. Children who have experienced some form of domestic violence are six times more likely to commit suicide in their lifetime.
  4. Victims are 50% more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol when they get older.
  5. More than 70% of children are likely to commit a form of domestic violence to others  later in life
  6. 15 million teenage girls have experienced forced sexual actions at some time between the ages of 15 and 19 years old.
  7. Nine out ten times those girls are sexually assaulted by someone they know.
  8. By 2030 two million children will be killed by an act of violence according to UNICEF.

My September/October Playlist 2017

Is it me or does music sound better in fall? Maybe it’s just me. Here my September/October playlist which includes acoustic sounds with chilled vibes.

Eastwick – Julia Jacklin

If you are looking for an artist that screams autumn vibes then Julia is your girl. Julia’s song “Eastwick.” has it all the acoustic guitar, the dreamy vocals, and the killer guitar solos that take the song in a perfect 180. Julia, you have yourself a new fan.

Make Me Your Queen – Declan McKenna

Not only is “Make Me Your Queen” a catchy tune but if you pay attention to the lyrics, it tackles an important issue. This song talks about an abusive relationship where someone has to be in control and overpower the other. Take a closer look at the lyrics and see for yourself. I am glad someone is talking about emotional abuse that is often not talked about in society.

Colder Parts – HUNNY

Do you want to feel like you are at a festival with the fresh smell of beer and dirt in the air? “Colder Parts” will transport you with their retro guitar chords and dance bops that perfectly compliment the lead singers vocals.

Slippery – Human Heat

I was shocked to find out that Human Heat was not as recognized as he deserves. His whimsical voice is almost a delicate as a fallen autumn leaf. There is something about his pure sound and lyrics that make it sound refreshing.

Too Much to Ask – Niall Horan

First off who broke Niall’s heart and why are my eyes getting teary? This song is asking the simple question if they regret parting ways in the most musical way possible. One of my favorite things about Niall is that his songs are so relatable and sincere. Keep an eye out I will do a review of his album soon.

Read My Mind -Catfish and the Bottlemen

It wouldn’t be a playlist if I did not include Catfish and the Bottlemen and my favorite song ever. This song is a cover for the original “Read my mind” by the Killers with a slight twist only Van could accomplish. Van’s beautiful raspy vocals just complement the whole feeling of the song. Only he could make fall in love with it even more.

Also in the September/October playlist include Hippo Campus, the Killers, and BTS. I have recently done a review on their albums which included the songs in this playlist so check them out if you are interested.

I will keep adding more jewels as the month winds down so follow my playlist for more updates.