A Mini October Haul.

A Mini October Haul.

This week I decided to write about an October Haul of a couple of times I purchased. It’s a small haul that includes cozy and ear worthy things.

I promise you I shop in more places, but these are just the more recent purchases. I will keep collecting more things through the month so that I might do another one at the end of the month.

Fairy Lights.

Nothing says fall like little lights to add a whimsical feeling to your room. I felt this was just a great way to warm my space. As of right now, I have not found a place for them in my room. I have them on my mirror in front of my bed and on my top of my curtains. I am still working on it, but I like them on my mirror.


Shag Throw.

I wanted something to tie my bed altogether, so at least something in my life looks put together in my life. What made fall in love with this throw is the feel from both sides which not a lot of faux fur throws have.


Floral Chocker Blouse.

I fell in love with the blouse on the manikin. I loved the whimsical feel with the bell sleeves and floral screams autumn.


Knit Cardigan.

Would you believe me if I told you I bought all four colors this cardigan comes in because I could not decide on which color? It is soft and fits comfortably. I got the blush pink, gray, olive green, and black.


BTS Love Yourself: Her Album

I had preordered this last month, but I did not get it until early October. The wait was worth it! From a graphic designer standpoint the packaging of this album is simplistic but high quality. It comes with the CD, a photo book, stickers, little photo, notes (it’s Korean so someone should tell me what they say), and poster.


Video of October Haul

So I had not told you guys, but I decided to start creating videos also on top of the blog posts. I decided to start a quick small one displaying what my recent purchases were. If everything works out I might be doing more on either makeup reviews, hauls and more especially music. I would love for it to be about music! So please help me start out and subscribe and leave a lovely comment. Thank you for your support in everything.