Sea Girls Turning More Than Heads

Sea Girls Turning More Than Heads

I was recently introduced by to the band Sea Girls thanks to Spotify. Bless Spotify discover playlists, whoever makes them needs a raise. I thought I would do a quick appreciation/ discover post on Sea Girls. This post is for those looking for a new band to add to their playlists.

Who are Sea Girls?

Sea Girls is a fresh new alternative/indie band from London. Sea Girls just released their EP album on June 8 called Call Me Out.  It consists of four tracks called “Call Me Out”, “Favourite Colour”, “What You East” and “Daisy Daisy.”

Their sound is just the perfect mixture of indie and pop. They have a similar sound to Sundara Karama or the Wombats. However, they sound unique in their unique way with their simple lyrics describing love to changing over time. Sea Girls’ songs are the type of music you have blasting in a car ride through the city in early morning coming back from the bars. Or you can hear this sitting under a tree sipping coffee at your local coffee shop. (If your coffee shop has outdoor sitting)

Sea Girls have all the tools to make it to mainstream music. They have the great vocals, looks and feels. Sea Girls could easily become one of those must see bands live. Check out their performance on Sofar London where you can see their skills at play.

These are my overall thoughts on Sea Girls.

I cannot wait to hear their future albums and eventually I cannot wait to see them come to the United States and rock some venues here. My favorite things about them their relatable lyrics. I could see part of myself in their lyrics. My favorite tracks out of their ep are all the songs, but I connect to “Call Me Out” and “Favourite Colour” just a little more.

Tell me what you guys think of Sea Girls or if you have any new artist recommendations.