My September/October Playlist 2017

My September/October Playlist 2017

Is it me or does music sound better in fall? Maybe it’s just me. Here my September/October playlist which includes acoustic sounds with chilled vibes.

Eastwick – Julia Jacklin

If you are looking for an artist that screams autumn vibes then Julia is your girl. Julia’s song “Eastwick.” has it all the acoustic guitar, the dreamy vocals, and the killer guitar solos that take the song in a perfect 180. Julia, you have yourself a new fan.

Make Me Your Queen – Declan McKenna

Not only is “Make Me Your Queen” a catchy tune but if you pay attention to the lyrics, it tackles an important issue. This song talks about an abusive relationship where someone has to be in control and overpower the other. Take a closer look at the lyrics and see for yourself. I am glad someone is talking about emotional abuse that is often not talked about in society.

Colder Parts – HUNNY

Do you want to feel like you are at a festival with the fresh smell of beer and dirt in the air? “Colder Parts” will transport you with their retro guitar chords and dance bops that perfectly compliment the lead singers vocals.

Slippery – Human Heat

I was shocked to find out that Human Heat was not as recognized as he deserves. His whimsical voice is almost a delicate as a fallen autumn leaf. There is something about his pure sound and lyrics that make it sound refreshing.

Too Much to Ask – Niall Horan

First off who broke Niall’s heart and why are my eyes getting teary? This song is asking the simple question if they regret parting ways in the most musical way possible. One of my favorite things about Niall is that his songs are so relatable and sincere. Keep an eye out I will do a review of his album soon.

Read My Mind -Catfish and the Bottlemen

It wouldn’t be a playlist if I did not include Catfish and the Bottlemen and my favorite song ever. This song is a cover for the original “Read my mind” by the Killers with a slight twist only Van could accomplish. Van’s beautiful raspy vocals just complement the whole feeling of the song. Only he could make fall in love with it even more.

Also in the September/October playlist include Hippo Campus, the Killers, and BTS. I have recently done a review on their albums which included the songs in this playlist so check them out if you are interested.

I will keep adding more jewels as the month winds down so follow my playlist for more updates.