Time to Give SEVENTEEN A Try | Artist Spotlight

Time to Give SEVENTEEN A Try | Artist Spotlight

Many of you already know my appreciation for K-pop music genre I thought I would do a spotlight post for the K-Pop band SEVENTEEN.


SEVENTEEN is a South Korean boy band made up of three subgroups: hip-hop, vocal, and performance. There is a total of, ready for it, 13 members of this group. Before you panic let me tell you they all complement each other and look so synchronized.

Not only do these boys just sing and dance but they also help produce and write the songs. What can’t they do?!

SEVENTEEN’s sound.

SEVENTEEN’s music style started out very colorfully and cheer music style, but then we started to hear them morph into a more mature sound but still keeping their style. Their whole journey is one to enjoy from their early eps to their most recent single like “Don’t wanna cry” and “Trauma.” They have a very diverse sound and that is what I think makes them so unique from other K-pop groups.

(I created a playlist with some of my recent SEVENTEEN favorite songs you can follow.)

One of my favorite thing about this group is that let every single of them shine on their own. Each subgroup has their songs that sing with their subgroups. When they come together, they create masterpieces.

SEVENTEEN’s music videos and chorographs.

Their music videos have also evolved as their music has. One thing is sure they still keep this very vibrant cinematography. One of my favorites music has to be “Don’t Wanna Cry.” The location and the shots are fantastic and the way whole music video captures the song perfectly. On top of that, they know how to incorporate killer chorographs that only they could pull off their numbers.

If you have not yet dipped in and heard SEVENTEEN they give them a try you won’t be disappointed. Not to mention their comeback is full approaching. Check out their most recent music videos from their up comeback to get you even more pumped.